Technologies from movies that became reality

Star Trek Computer

Holodecks are still a ways off, but we can now use the computer interface we saw Wesley Crusher using on The Next Generation.

The computers of Star Trek: The Next Generation (and every subsequent series set in that era) featured a truly nifty touch screen interface that fans have dreamed about for years. As you can see with this video, this computer interace is no longer the stuff of science fiction.

The video was created by Pascal vd Heiden, a technical engine programmer at Triumph Studios in the Netherlands.


Minority Report Multi-touch Interface

In the movie Minority Report, Tom Cruise uses an advanced user interface system that lets him control media files with nothing more than a gesture from his gloved hands. He could do the same now with little more than an XBox. A member of the research staff at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has created a Minority Report interface using the Kinect 3D sensor and a bunch of open source software. Not only does the device only cost $150, you can use it without any dorky gloves. Garratt Gallagher, the interfaces’s creator, shows off some basic gesture controls in the video below. It really does look like it came straight out of the movie. Awesome.


Star Wars Hologram

Imagine that you can see your distant friends in full 3D, standing in front of you in the real world, while talking with them over the phone, just like the image of the future presented in the holographic form of Princess Leia in Star Wars. 3D Live Human Magic Land demonstrates our advanced technology which can make can make this vision real. This technology can capture humans in 3D and placing them into a mixed reality environment at other places in real-time. It opens a new chapter for human communications where not only voice but also gesture and body motion is transmitted completely in full 3D.