Kissenger is the world’s first mobile device for transmitting realistic kiss sensations over the Internet. Simply plug into the audio jack of your mobile and you will be able to send your loved ones a kiss while physically apart. Kissenger can sense your kiss and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time.

Rentez-Vous Website

Rentez-Vous is an online peer to peer fashion rental marketplace in London and Paris. It provides a platform for women and young designers to rent their clothes from one another in an online local community.


Movit is a motion control wearable interface that allows you to remotely interact with your iPhone and Mac using simple hand and arm motions.

Free-space optical communication using orbital angular momentum multiplexing

My term paper and presentation on communication using orbital angular momentum multiplexing, or “twisted light”. This new technology can tremendously increase the speed of our wireless communication network.

FoodGenie – Global Service Jam Singapore 2011

FoodGenie is a social sharing and community app that encourages food sharing between neighbours. This proof of concept was made in a 48-hour hackathon in Singapore.