My Inventions: The autobiography of Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla was really a true genius with an unusual mind that could visualize things in great details, a condition he considered troubling at first but later used to his advantage in his inventions. He parents and brother were also highly intelligent people, which might influence him to be so intelligent and creative even as a child. He was an extremely hard worker. As a student he worked from 3am in the morning until 11pm everyday, with no weekends and holidays. His professors even wrote letters to his father that if he didn’t take him away from the institution he would be killed from overwork. Later when he was working for Edison he worked continuously from 10am to 5am the next day without exception. He explained that he didn’t need vacations unlike most people. When his energy was all used up, he only had to sleep for half an hour and wake up with a fresh mind.

Tesla considered his best invention to be the Magnifying Transmitter. It all started with a lightning that followed by a deluge, which led him into thinking that if we could produce electric forces to that magnitude we could control and transform the forces and conditions of the nature on the whole planet. The magnifying transmitter that he built could generate up to 4 million volts (he also claimed that 100 million volts were also practicable). This invention would constitute his vision, the “World-System” of wireless transmission that can transmit information wirelessly to any part of the world. His visions of the world is almost the same as the world we live in now 100 years later from his time, where everyone is connected all over the earth, with closer distance and better understanding between individuals and communities. He believes that great inventions are not determined by the immediate commercial and industrial changes that they will bring about, but the humanitarian benefits that are valuable to the future generations.