Kenji Ekuan’s Philosophy on Design


Kenji Ekuan is a highly respected Japanese designer who has initiated many global design trends. Some of his notable designs and creations including the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle, Yamaha motorcycles and the Shinkansen Bullet Train.

Kenji Ekuan’s Ten Axioms of Lunchbox Structure

  • Beauty of Form – drive to make stylishness and beauty a primary function
  • Functional Multiplicity – belief in “the more functions the better”
  • Equipment Exciting Creativity – popular appeal yielding  an object’s broadest possible application and its creative uses
  • Unification in Diversity – a sense of order ensuring maximal inclusion and effective arrangement
  • All-Inclusive Enhancement – plurality in each element vividly brought to life
  • Ultimate Adaptability – meeting needs of time, quality and quantity
  • Waste-Avoiding Culture – a sense of design consistent with environmentally sensitive lifestyle
  • Generosity – richness born from an ultimate spirit of service