Getting a customized url for your Google Plus profile

Your Google plus profile has a ugly looking url that is almost impossible to remember, mine looks like this Some say google does it to prevent spammers from figuring out your email address since google plus profiles are linked to gmail accounts. But I don’t really care about that since all my SN accounts use the same username anyway. I just want a nice, easy to remember url but couldn’t find any way to do that in google settings.

After some searching, I found that you can redirect to your G+ profiles using a url in this format –

where username is the gmail username. I’m quite satisfied with this, but this still doesn’t allow you to get a customized url.

Here comes the solution:


Using you can choose your own username and it will shorten your G+ profile url to this format: I set mine to

One great thing about is that you don’t have to create an account or anything. There are a bunch of other sites that do the same thing, I think this one is the most popular so far.