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Kissenger Kissenger is the world’s first mobile device for transmitting realistic kiss sensations over the Internet. Simply plug into the...

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Robot Sex May Be Coming Sooner Than You Think | HuffPost Live

Will humans soon enjoy the option of having sex with robots? We discuss the technology behind this progressive idea, along...

BBC Radio 5 Interview

‘This is the world’s first internet kiss’ |BBC Radio 5 Live Interview

Fancy sending a loved one a squeeze or a kiss over the internet? Professor Adrian Cheok is leading the way...

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Live at the Al Jazeera Evening News

Our research, Scentee and the Electric Taste machine, was featured in the Al Jazeera Evening News in Arabic. We were invited...


Spoon me: how cutlery design can blow your tastebuds away | The Guardian

Seven metal teaspoons are set out on a table in front of me, neatly lined up on a white napkin, as if awaiting the arrival of Uri Geller, or a banquet consisting only of boiled eggs. Thankfully, neither of these scenarios turn out to be the case. I’m at the Science Museum, surrounded by experts in spoon science, here to enlighten me on the future of the most shapely member of the cutlery family, in advance of a forthcoming exhibition on the science of taste.


Rentez-Vous Website

Rentez-Vous is an online peer to peer fashion rental marketplace in London and Paris. It provides a platform for women and young designers...


Movit – Wearable Gesture Control Wristband

Movit is a motion control wearable interface that allows you to remotely interact with your iPhone and Mac using simple...

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Smell: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

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Taste: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

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Touch: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM